Report on the online study visits of the ECOoperation project

In March 2021, the study visits of the ECOoperation Interreg HUHR project were organized. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, students and teachers unfortunately still had to cope with organizing programs online.

The teachers and experts of Grammar School “Fran Galović” in Koprivnica were the first to give a lecture on water and kayaking on 23th March, 2021. Participating students were enriched with a lot of useful information that they could then use during the field trips. They were able to learn what measurements they can make in wetlands and what wildlife they can encounter there. In addition, the speakers presented the rules of kayaking, what safety measures should be implemented and checked before boarding.

The next lecture was made by the Srednja škola Prelogon 29th March, 2021. Experts have introduced students and teachers to the mysteries of meteorological measurements, such as how to observe climatic factors and how to use measuring stations. In addition, the rules of cycling were presented to the participants.

The third and final study visit was held on 30th March, 2021 by the students and teachers of the Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Calvinist Grammar School, Primary School and Dormitory in Csurgó. The school also made videos of soil knowledge and measurements, as well as about the equipment necessary for the camp and the secret of setting up a tent. During the break of the lectures, the teachers prepared a quiz for the participants in Hungarian and Croatian.

Project participants will soon begin preparing for the field trips, which will hopefully already be held in person.

The project is financed by EU within the framework of the Hungary-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

What happened in Prelog?

Students and teachers from Srednja škola Prelog have been working very hard on the project from the beginning and have been involved in all the education activities of the project partners. We have taken part in preparational education for quizzes prepared by our project partners, Gimnazija Frana Galovića Koprivnica and Srednja škola Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Református Gimnázium, Általános Iskola és Kollégium, and have ourselves prepared and hosted two educations for quizzes, both for students and teachers. Students and their mentors have been studying the materials provided by the project partners in order to prepare for the quizzes. Our teacher have been active participants in the workshop on the methodology of field work in order to prepare and implement the field work which will be held in Prelog. The students and teachers have selected a trail for field work, have tested it and mapped it. Our school has also started the purchase of the equipment needed for the project and so far, the school has procured a digital weather station and we are waiting for the rest of the equipment needed for the implementation of project activities to arrive.

Joint conferences on research results in the ECOoperation project

The first professional videoconference of Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Program 2014-2020 ECOoperation project was held on 1st October 2020. Within the framework of the program, it was the responsibility of each school to conduct a study on a particular topic: soil, microclimate and water. The lecturers of the Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Calvinist Grammar School in Csurgó processed the issues concerning the soil.

In the presentation, which covered all the details, the students got to know the components, types, and functions of the soil, as well as the types of water management in the soil. In addition, they briefly summarized their knowledge of the Danube-Drava National Park. The teachers of the Hungarian school were assisted by an interpreter who translated the lecture material into Croatian, which helped the students of the partner schools to interpret more easily

The second presentation took place on 14 October 2020, where the virtual host was the Croatian Srednja Skola Prelog. The school conducted a study on the relationships between microclimate and cycling, which was presented in English by one of their students. First, the participating pupils of the other two schools got to know the history of Medjimurska county, and then in connection with this, Srednja Skola Prelog presented their traditions related to cycling. In the second half of the presentation, useful information about the microclimate of the region was shared, such as the prevailing wind direction, precipitation amount or average temperature. Srednja Skola Prelog also has its own weather station to help them collect, record and analyze data. Finally, the biodiversity of the region was presented, both in terms of plants and animals.

The third and final presentation which topic will be the water, will be given by the “Fran Galović” Gymnasium in Koprivnica in the second half of October.

The project is financed by EU within the framework of the Hungary-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

The ECOoperation project has started

On September 28, 2020, from 10:00 to 11:00, the ECOoperation project, which will be implemented within the framework of the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Program 2014-2020, held its opening conference. The program launched in July 2020 and the Lead Beneficiary is Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Calvinist Grammar School, Primary School and College in Csurgó. Other Beneficiaries are the Croatian Srednja škola Prelog and “Fran Galović” Grammar School in Koprivnica. The work of Srednja Skola Prelog is supported by REDEA Agency, the “Fran Galović” Gymnasium by PORA agency, while South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (hereinafter: STRIA) is the assisting partner of Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Calvinist Grammar School.

The project contributes to raising awareness of the common environmental and cultural values of students in three schools near the border region through the implementation of scientific and sports activities. It includes activities such as cycling, kayaking, camping and gardening that promote long-term cross-border educational cooperation between participating institutions. An important element of the program is that students learn about the traditional values of partner countries and acquire local cultural knowledge.

The online event was opened by the Srednja Skola Prelog, followed by the speech of the director of Fran Galović Gymnasium and the Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Calvinist Grammar School, Primary School and College. Subsequently, all three schools presented about their institutions and covered the implementation of the program. Finally, the representative of STRIA described the main information and data of the ECOoperation project to the participants.

The project is financed by EU within the framework of the Hungary-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.