About the project

The OVERALL OBJECTIVE of the project is to enlarge cross-cultural knowledge of students in the secondary schools of the HUHR region by jointly exploring the diversity of the common natural values and their positive effects on the
physical and mental health of students. The goal will be achieved by promoting the „School in nature“ concept among students, development of innovative methods of learning on the field and overall improvement of field work in high-school education. The project will contribute to the preservation of biodiversity on Drava river, ecological approach to the field work and transfer of knowledge (learn-to-learn approach).


– to develop new cross-border co-operation and strengthen the existing ones between secondary schools of the region;

– to develop joint platforms and methods for students of partner schools to learn and share the knowledge through;

– to develop and share new joint content about how to implement and fit in the education system the field works in the three main scientific topics (water, soil and climate).

The project will contribute to building cooperation between the partner schools by identifying the fields they share similarities of and cooperate in the future. It calls the attention to the importance of roles secondary schools can fulfil in exploring and sharing common values of HUHR region by involving students in enlarging the common knowledge jointly. The project may also contribute to ensuring the maintenance of existing environmental conditions and the dissemination of previously hidden knowledge (e.g. habits) and generating positive attitude towards cross-border cooperation both between the schools as well as the students. Furthermore, it can result in integrating the now extracurricular activities to national educational systems which contribute to better performance of students at schools and help them improving their physical, mental and emotional conditions.